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High Risk Travel Insurance

High Risk Travel - Medical - Personal Accident - Accidental Death Insurance

All of our High Risk Personal Accident/ Medical and Repatriation/Travel policies include full war and terrorism cover which most other company's polices don’t include.

We offer cover for all countries including countries designated as high risk and no go areas like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia etc.

We offer cover for all occupations including security workers, journalists, cameramen, aid workers, anti piracy workers etc.

Providing cover for individuals or companies wishing to insure all their employees whether it be 5 or 500, an annual or short-term policy can be written.

A policy can be arranged within 24 hours of a quote being asked for and everything is done electronically without the need for proposal forms. The policies have the security of being written in the Lloyds Market.

We can include the use of firearms if necessary and have had clients flown out of the most hostile of areas when required.

All of our policies are bespoke and can be tailored to an individual or company. The normal cover for the personal accident including accidental death cover is between £100,000 and £250,000. The normal cover for the medical and repatriation cover is £1,000,000 and above.

High Risk Travel Insurance

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